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If you want to learn COD4 cheats, then you came to the right place. Let's get right to it. First of all, you'll need to have your console enabled in you cod4 game settings. To do this go to options then game options and then enable console. Make sure it says yes next to enable console.

In order to use COD4 cheats, you must open the console during game play. To do this, once you join a game just press the tilde key on your keyboard. It looks like this ~. In most cases, it's just below the Esc key on the upper left side of your keyboard. This will open the console at the top of your game window and allow you to type in your commands or COD4 cheats. To close the console, just simply press the tilde key ~ again.

Keep in mind that this only works on servers that have COD4 cheats enabled. One such server is CREEKHARD 24/7. If you try to use game cheats on a server that does NOT have cheats enabled, you will see a brief message at the bottom left of you screen that says Cheats are not enabled on this server.

Let's try it out with a simple cheat code. First join a game on a server with cheats enabled and then, once in the game, press the tilde key ~ to open up the console. In the console type "/give all" without the quotes and press enter. Now close the console by pressing the tilde key ~ again. You should now have all of the weapons available to you. Toggle through your weapons and check it out.

Here are a few more cheat codes:

/give ammo reloads all of your ammo
/noclip lets you fly around. Keep in mind that you can NOT fire your weapon while in noclip mode.
You must type /noclip again to exit the noclip mode once you are done flying around. This is
a great way to get on top of the high buildings or cliffs.
/god puts you in god mode. type it again to exit god mode.
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Keep checking back for more codes and more info.

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